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Our clients

Digital Barriers technologies are used by the majority of UK police forces, and many of the largest law enforcement agencies world-wide

When it is imperative to know exactly what is going on while military personnel are on the move, our cutting edge technology will reliably stream real-time surveillance video of unfolding events – even over long distances or in remote locations and for extended periods of time.

Wherever and whenever you need to monitor vulnerable points, Digital Barriers provides a way to do this without costly fixed infrastructure.

“Front line operations demand reliable video recording and secure real time streaming, wherever the location. Digital Barriers are the only supplier we know who can deliver this reliability”

Our solutions help protect oil and gas infrastructure from
organised crime, sabotage and opportunistic theft.

Analytics to protect fixed assets combined with live video to monitor changing situations puts you in control.

Just because your assets are moving fast doesn’t mean that your view of the situation should be out of date.

Military resilience, refined by the police, which can save you money through lower operating costs and better staff safety.

Defence forces and forward-operating bases remain at constant risk from determined adversaries and increasingly unconventional tactics.

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PROTECTING PEOPLE AND PLACES WITH LIVE STREAMING AND REAL-TIME VIDEO ANALYTICS, Kenny Long, UK Business Development Lead, Facial Recognition, Digital Barriers, you can speak with him

Our #bodycams provide secure & resilient live streaming to protect staff. Manage costs by setting a data cap without compromising streaming capability & access HD footage remotely for real-time #situationalawareness

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Join Kenny Long, UK BDM @DigitalBarriers as he discusses how our live-streaming bodycams are helping to safeguard #retailstaff with @retailfraud today at 15.15 GMT: Register here:

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