Body Worn. Eyes On. Real Time.

We provide a complete solution for body-worn video streaming to aid law enforcement, first responders and also for safety applications such as in rail.

Front-line operations around the world are adopting body-worn video to improve effectiveness, reduce costs and improve compliance. This requires reliable cameras with onboard recording, excellent video-evidence management tools and a range of ancillary tools to ensure ease of use.

While most current generation body-worn video solutions offer some limited live-streaming capability, this is often restricted to limited frame rates over short-range wi-fi connections. This is because of the limitations of conventional video codecs, such as H.264, which are not designed for transmission over constrained networks, typically suffering from image break-up or latency.

Our solution combines class-leading body-worn video cameras and evidence-management software, with our unique real-time low bandwidth video-streaming technology, EdgeVis Live for Body.


How does it work?

Our complete solution includes effective cameras, real-time streaming and evidence management.

Small, effective body-worn cameras, proven to be acceptable in British courts

Our body-worn solutions use ID badge style cameras that are easy to use and deploy.  Using the EdgeVis Live streaming capability (see below), real-time monitoring can be added to the cameras so that footage can be shared in real time as required with data rates as low as 9kbps and no video delay, even over cellular networks.

Our cameras are small, robust, lightweight devices based on an ID card-holder form. They are designed to be simple to use - allowing video and audio recording to be started and stopped, bookmarks to be inserted and still photos taken - with clear recording-status lights easily visible. The wire-free design makes the device versatile and flexible to wear, and each comes with a wide range of secure fixings for all types of operational use.

With up to 720p HD video, high quality audio, day/night recording capability and 150-degree horizontal field of view, our body-worn camera is operationally proven with leading police forces in the UK.

VideoVault, our online evidence management system

Coupled with our body-worn cameras is a comprehensive online evidence-management solution that stores video and audio as required for evidential purposes with strong security. The video and audio is kept securely on the camera and recordings can only be retrieved by our correctly authenticated VideoVault evidence-management software, either running locally or in the cloud. VideoVault only permits recording to be seen by those authorised to see it, and that access is logged and audible. Recordings are of evidential quality – demonstrable from camera to court that they have not been tampered with – and our video evidence has been used successfully in British courts.

VideoVault has advanced evidence-management features, including incident-creation tools to help build cases, advanced video-management tools to find the relevant footage quickly, redaction tools for personal privacy protection and a number of remote-viewing tools to assist collaborative working across multiple sites.

VideoVault has been developed with large, distributed user groups in mind. Our advanced device management ensures cameras are correctly assigned to users, encryption management is used to guarantee evidential integrity and audit-trail tools maintain searchable audit logs for each piece of body-worn recorded footage.

VideoVault also provides enterprise-grade administration support, including centrally manageable role-based security and access controls to meet data-protection obligations, policy-based data retention to support (optional) automatic deletion of your non-evidential footage to a schedule, and full network and mass-storage support options to ease deployment from an IT perspective.

EdgeVis Live, secure real-time wireless video

Uniquely we offer live video and audio streaming from the camera over cellular networks, using our EdgeVis Live technology. EdgeVis has been specifically developed to overcome issues associated with wireless networks, such as cellular/wi-fi, ensuring a continuous video and audio at bandwidths as low as 9kbps. It is ideal for transmitting body-worn surveillance from mobile units with secure redistribution to command and mobile teams.

EdgeVis Live runs either on Android-based smart phones or on our vehicle-based EdgeVis encoders and our body-worn cameras connect over a short-range wi-fi link.

EdgeVis Live allows body-worn camera users to push real-time video back to control rooms or other users on demand, and also allows other users to connect to the user remotely to see what is happening for compliance reasons.