Cloud based. Intelligent analysis. Improved efficiency.

Award-winning video capabilities delivered in the cloud to reduce your up-front investment.

CloudVis is a suite of cloud-hosted video analytics which can be combined to make intelligent decisions about activity captured on camera. CloudVis simplifies otherwise effort-intensive and time-consuming tasks. 

​CloudVis offers greater efficiency for operators and increased opportunity to identify key events. There are significant savings in operator time through applying intelligence to the review of pre-recorded or live video.

Don’t want your video in the Cloud? Then SmartVis provides the same capability in a private cloud or on your own servers.

For more details of applications please see below.


What is CloudVis?

CloudVis provides intrusion detection, automatic video-alert verification, camera-tampering alerts, face detection and image enhancement from a cloud service.

Our solution can be implemented in any environment monitored by video cameras: indoors or outdoors, making the most of both old and state-of-the-art cameras.

CloudVis can be integrated simply into existing systems, using pre-built integrations with a range of selected third-party systems.

Highly efficient analytics

  • Analytics work on low-resolution streams, allowing many cameras to be monitored on a single server

Deep neural networks

  • Analytics are based on the latest in computer-vision research, and are being constantly enhanced with additional data
  • Performance improvements and upgrades are included with the cloud service, ensuring benefits from continual development

Combination of video analysis technologies to use all sources of information

  • Apply a combination of motion detection and facial recognition to improve performance and reduce false alarms

Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, also deployable to your systems

  • No administration required
  • Easy to integrate

How is CloudVis used?

Video from existing cameras is analysed in real time to detect intruders, categorise people in front of a camera, or match individuals to a watch-list. The resulting intelligence can be used to prioritise operator time and attention.

CloudVis is currently deployed at an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to ensure that their customers' cameras are always monitoring the right thing. Twice a day the automated system connects to each camera, and compares its current view of the world to the view it should have. Problems such as blur, loss of focus, and tampering are flagged to operators at the ARC while potential false alarms such as rain are ignored. The operators can notify customers of real problems, keeping surveillance effective and giving them a chance to demonstrate their active monitoring in the form of pro-active customer service.

​Recorded video is forensically analysed. For example video from body-worn cameras is processed to add video stabilisation or enhancement. Video from surveillance cameras is processed to identify activity of interest so that operators only have to review these sections.

Each analytic produces metadata for easy integration with other systems.


Law Enforcement

Integrate forensic analysis tools into your workflow

Protection of key sites, VIP protection with advanced intrusion detection

Border security

Monitor sterile zones along border

Check that critical cameras are working, providing usable video at all times

Commercial security

Detect intruders

Verify that alarms are real and prioritise for operator review

Identify cameras which are out of focus, have been moved or tampered with

Offer up-sell packages to customers



Our CloudVis Range

Within CloudVis you can select a number of services that suit your business.

Our CloudVis range includes the following applications:

CloudVis SafeZone

  • Intrusion-detection analytic for cloud deployment
  • Monitors any IP camera, indoor or outdoor
  • No calibration or set-up required
  • Will mitigate for camera movement, shadows or foliage movement that accounts for most false video alerts received by alarm receiving centres

CloudVis ARC

  • Sophisticated motion-detection algorithms to screen or prioritise alarms from existing cameras, identifying potential false alerts and prioritising the most critical alarms
  • Makes sure key cameras work by carrying out automatic camera checks and flagging a prioritised list of problems to operators
  • Identifies cameras which are blurred, out of focus, which have been moved, that have frozen streams, are unreachable or suffering from low quality streams or black images

CloudVis Face

  • Intelligent facial recognition
  • Keeps a record of visitors by extracting an image of each individual who passes camera with facial recognition technology
  • Provides alerts if a person on a watch-list is present

CloudVis Logo

  • Shape and object recognition in video
  • Identifies and tracks brand logos

CloudVis Enhance

  • Enhances video to help operators work more efficiently and effectively
  • Stabilises body-cam footage