Established. Approved. Reliable.

Our COE video transmission systems have a trusted and proven record in the monitoring of level-crossings and signalling applications.

The COE range is designed for long-term, fault-free surveillance and has built up an enviable reputation for reliability in the rail sector, stretching back more than 25 years.

Our real-time video solution is certified for level-crossing monitoring in the UK, with equipment deployed at more than 200 locations around the country.

The technology includes the only IP video codec approved by UK Network Rail as well as advanced multi-functional fibre-transmission units.

Our encoders have been engineered for use in complex operating environments and the most demanding conditions.

They are specifically used for level-crossing surveillance and signalling applications that require video transmission over a digital network (Network Rail FTN, Ethernet LAN/WAN) or fibre optic cable.

COE transmission products are designed for long-term, fault-free operation in large-scale surveillance infrastructures.

Products feature extended support and spares for minimal operations disruption, cost-effectiveness and peace of mind.

COE encoders are part of the XNET product suite, which consists of fibre-optic video/data/audio transmission products and XNET/X-Stream encoders.

The fibre links provide ultra-high, real-time transmission for analogue video cameras, typically used across various industries for surveillance applications (fixed and PTZ types). Our solid industry performance in mission-critical applications over the last two decades has made us a trusted supplier.

COE transmission

How do they work?

Highly reliable video surveillance with advanced multi-functional, multi-channel fibre transmission units

COE is a range of resilient networking equipment for highly reliable video surveillance transmission. It includes high-quality IP video codecs as well as advanced multi-functional multi-channel fibre transmission units.

Digital Barriers’ world-leading technology provides assurance that equipment is operational by embedding safety alarms and visual indicators into its video encoding solutions to confirm images are live.

X-Net series

The X-Net Codec range is for specific use on UK Rail infrastructure and holds Network Rail approval and certification. Features include specific functions that ensure failsafe operation in rail environments.

It is primarily used for level-crossing video transmission to signalmen who depend on it to know when it is safe to operate the barriers on crossings.

The X-Net fibre range allows transmission of analogue and digital signals way beyond the range of copper cable and is by default intrinsically safe – no sparks, shorts or risk of explosion.

So it’s highly suitable for high-power applications in the rail, power-generation and nuclear industries as well as in hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants and mining areas.

The technology has been proven to work for more than 25 years. 

X-Stream series

This is the commercial version of the encoder range.  These encoders are used in city-centre surveillance, industrial, transport, petro-chemical environments.  H.264 IP video codecs ensure low latency transmission, while high-performance video servers offer reliable operation in complex environments.

XNET/X-Stream codecs move the transmission of analogue signals to the IP domain ­‑ ethernet networks both wired and wireless.

IP networks are ubiquitous across the world and now form the bedrock of the internet. The ability to use these networks for mixed signal type transmission is very useful for large-scale systems where the migration to digital cameras (IP) is cost prohibitive.

Our COE range

Our COE transmission range can be deployed to suit different environments and requirements depending on your application.

COE products have the following features:

  • Video integrity alarms are generated if a video signal is low or video quality or signal to noise levels are impaired
  • Supports diagnostics via SNMP and web browsers as well as on-board LED and alarm-contact alerts
  • Engineered for exacting, fault‐free core performance
  • Comprehensive remote management and diagnostics via X‐Net Network Management System (NMS)
  • Link integrity alarms are generated if a fibre cable is cut or impaired

COE X-Net Codec-TE IP video codec links:

  • Provide very high integrity analogue video transmission for IP surveillance and security networks that are complex and operationally critical.
  • Are designed for use in transportation and applications that require a certified highly reliable video solution that guarantees the integrity of the video from end to end.
  • Combine high‐quality video transmission with remote monitoring and automatic maintenance/tamper/integrity alarm facilities, building exceptional resilience and intelligence into the video link from camera to monitor.


Technology  Overview  
COE X-Net Nano
  • Miniature one-channel baseband, video transmitter with optional duplex serial data channel and contact-closure channel  

  • Pairs with XNET-OPT2R receiver

  • For use with fixed or PTZ CCTV cameras for real-time video transmission and control

  • Sub-miniature analogue video transmitter

  • Pairs with XNET-173S receiver

  • For use with fixed CCTV cameras

  • One-channel video, data, audio and contact closure transmission link for fixed, PTZ and multi-function applications requiring additional services
  • Four-channel video, data, audio and contact-closure transmission link for fixed, PTZ and multi-function applications requiring additional services
  • Eight-channel video, data, audio and contact-closure transmission link for fixed, PTZ and multi-function applications requiring additional services


The COE X-Stream series has the following features:

  • Provide real-time analogue video transmission over wired and wireless IP networks
  • Serial data, audio and contact closure channels are included for PTZ camera and PA, intercom and general communications links
  • The product range includes, 1, 2 and 4 channel encoders and 1 and 2 channel decoders
  • Flexible housing options include wall/plate mount boxes and 19" chassis and power supplies
Technology  Overview  
COE X-Stream 102E and 202E
  • One and two-channel video encoder, serial data, audio, contact closure 

  • Typical applications include real-time analogue camera transmission with PTZ control channel, long line PA/Intercom links

COE X-Stream 400-FX-VL
  • Four-channel encoder with dual Ethernet port and/or SFP fibre port options for high resilience links
  • Typical applications include direct-to-fibre connectivity, dual-routed Ethernet network supports
COE X-Stream 100D and 200D
  • One and two-channel video decoder, serial data, audio, contact closure.  For use with one, two and four-channel encoders
  • Typical applications include real-time analogue camera transmission with PTZ control channel, long line PA/Intercom links