Managing COVID-19 risk with security solutions


Managing COVID-19 risk with security solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a challenging shift in the way we live our lives and how businesses can operate. With lockdown easing, the question on the nation’s mind is what comes next? How can increasing numbers of businesses open without causing further risk to the public? Technology must be part of the solution, ensuring police officers, security guards and retailers alike have the means to keep order and enforce the new policies that must be implemented.

Elevated Temperature Screening
Elevated temperature screening solutions use both a thermal and optical camera to analyze body temperature, a key indicator of the presence of a potential illness, and sound a discreet alert when a specific temperature threshold is exceeded. And with our EdgeVis Live technology reliable real-time standoff temperature detection is achievable even in locations with poor bandwidth and network connectivity.

Able to screen multiple people simultaneously, this technology can be situated at the entrance to countless premises – such as hospitals, shops, pubs, commercial buildings and transport hubs. Elevated temperature screening is a highly effective way of quickly identifying those who show signs of possible infection. When alerted to an elevated temperature, operators can take appropriate action to minimize the risk of a localized outbreak, without the need for close human contact.

Live Streaming Bodycams
The pandemic has placed an unprecedented strain on society, causing tensions to run high. In order to safeguard the growing number of people out and about, as well as the retail and hospitality staff serving them, commercial businesses and public sector organizations such as law enforcement have turned to PPE in the form of body worn devices. Digital Barriers’ solution offers a unique capability in that it can alert security personnel to an incident whilst streaming real-time video and audio back to a central monitoring point, providing unparalleled situational awareness. This enables the rapid assessment of a situation and the most appropriate course of action to be taken, be that requesting the emergency assistance to attend the scene of an incident, or sending assistance to temper a volatile situation.

SafeZone Video Analytics
Lack of resources is a constant struggle for video surveillance operators, who often face reduced availability of officers and CCTV monitoring staff. With advanced video analytics capabilities, SafeZone provides a tool to help cities control and enforce measures, by warning CCTV operators when and where a potential breach – of lockdown or curfew for example – occurs. This may include people grouping above recommended numbers and curfew policies that prohibit individuals from being in public places during specified times of the day or night. Implementing SafeZone PS to regulate forbidden activity gives organizations the tools to manage potential violations and better enforce government restrictions.

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