Zero Latency. Wide Area. Situational Awareness.

Featured on Sky News recently, EdgeVis Shield is an integrated surveillance platform that provides a digital wall along unlimited lengths of border, delivering real-time intrusion alerts, with live video streaming, across all types of environment, including the most remote locations and hostile of locations.

EdgeVis Shield can protect against border incursions, whether on foot or in vehicles, and can even guard against tunneling, drones and microlights. This is a ‘digital wall’ that people can’t go through, go under or go over without being detected. The solution has been used to prevent drugs and weapons smuggling, people trafficking, as well as material threats to border security.  It was recently featured on Sky News.


​​Initially developed for military force protection, EdgeVis Shield has been adapted for homeland and border security, proving more effective than competing technologies at a significantly reduced cost. The solution fully integrates a range of detection technologies, creating a common operating picture, allowing operators to anticipate and address threats to borders, oil and gas pipelines, critical infrastructure facilities as well as military sites and FOBs. Surveillance can include the border itself, as well as approaches to the area, providing much needed early warnings. It can be used to dispatch interceptions or for intelligence gathering, with those under view never aware of the fact they have been compromised.

EdgeVis Shield is significantly more cost-effective than physical secure border walls, and its deployment is also a fraction of the cost of deploying cabled PID protection. Despite these cost savings, EdgeVis Shield is also more effective as its sensors cannot be detected or compromised. With live alerts relayed to control rooms and mobile border protection officers, any person or vehicle intruding across the border comes under automatic surveillance, enabling location-specific responses with full intelligence of the threat at all times.

For more information on why EdgeVis Shield has generated such interest with those responsible for border security, see our EdgeVis Live and Ground Sensor technology pages.


What is EdgeVis Shield?

EdgeVis Shield is an advanced wide-area surveillance solution that fuses multiple sensors, including high-definition cameras and radar pictures, into a single view, providing commanders with a real-time common operating picture.

EdgeVis Shield uses a combination of radar, sensors (including our own RDC low-power ground sensor), high-specification cameras (both optical and thermal) and video analytics combined with EdgeVis Live our real time video distribution technology to give users a complete site security solution, even in the most remote locations.  The intelligent system is automated for example alarming and waking up when borders or perimeters are breached in order to conserve power and data allowing operation in hostile and harsh remote locations even over 2G/GPRS or satellite more effectively.

Using TVI, our powerful video-distribution technology, EdgeVis Shield allows many users to view simultaneously what is happening, irrespective of whether they are close by in tactical command posts, or many hundreds of miles away in a national crisis centre. This is possible using a wide range of wireless communications networks, including cellular, military mesh, radio or Satcom.

With security a paramount concern, EdgeVis Shield comes with high-grade encryption* as standard. (*subject to export control).



How is it used?

Our integrated surveillance platform provides real-time video streaming and early warning intrusion alerts in remote locations.

​Our solution provides the ability to anticipate and address threats to oil and gas pipelines, borders, force protection and other large sites and remote assets that are either difficult or too costly to protect using conventional methods due to a lack of infrastructure, large expansive site size or remote location.

EdgeVis Shield uses low power ground sensors combined with wireless security cameras and video analytics to offer a complete operational picture in real time and can also work with many other sensors to provide a complete site-security solution where none could exist before.

How and where we deploy EdgeVis Shield and more details of the applications available:


Our EdgeVis Shield Range

A bespoke system designed to suit your needs and solve your complex challenges.

EdgeVis Shield is sold as an advanced solution, comprising our video-surveillance hubs, sensors (seismic and passive infrared), cameras, radars and video analytics.

Because requirements for each solution are so different, please contact your local sales representative for a discussion on how our range of advanced technology can meet your needs.