Facial Recognition under the Microscope


Facial Recognition under the Microscope

The Court of Appeal ruling into the use of automated facial recognition by South Wales Police has reignited the public debate around the technology as a whole.

In response, Digital Barriers wishes to reiterate its view that everyone involved in the development and deployment of facial recognition must carefully consider what constitutes proportionate and effective use.

When deployed sensibly and with the correct safeguards in place, facial recognition is a vital crime-fighting tool that enhances public safety, increases accountability and acts in the interest of society as a whole. However, it should not be used everywhere and for every purpose. Legal guidance that enables all possible implementations to be properly evaluated to ensure they are proportionate, justifiable and transparent, is long overdue.

Digital Barriers hopes this judgement is an important step towards the development of such a framework and remains committed to working with all relevant parties to help put this in to place. We welcome the public debate which is underway and acknowledge parliament must act as the ultimate arbiter of where we draw the line on what constitutes acceptable use.

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