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Digital Barriers solutions take on rural crime in Wales

Live streaming body worn cameras and automatic ground sensors used to secure lone workers, remote...


Leveraging face mask detection and people counting to keep businesses COVID-secure

Despite the approval and roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, rules around social distancing and the...


Digital Barriers launches combined face mask detection and people counting solution to keep businesses COVID-secure

Combined monitoring solution screens those that approach stores and other locations to ensure the...

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#Cybersecure straight out of the box, you can be sure your data is protected to the highest standards as demanded by our government customers in 50+ countries. This is @cloudvis...

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Our unique low bandwidth #livestreaming and edge #analytics for defence and security customers packaged into an #IOT plug and play #VSaaS.

We worked with @awscloud and @intel to make the only VSaaS designed to work on both fixed and cellular.

Available first from @VodafoneBiz.

From existing CCTV hardware to #bodyworncameras & smart devices - you can quickly connect any asset. @cloudvis eliminates the need for costly infrastucture which means getting your #videosecurity up & running is an easy & inexpensive process.

Unlike other solutions, our tech works in real-time over connection, even cellular. Which means you can view feeds & take action anywhere, anytime. This is @cloudvis...

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