Safe cities and public safety

Digital Barriers has deployed video infrastructures into prominent urban-surveillance schemes around the world

Wireless city-wide
surveillance solutions

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Safe City Wide


Wireless city-wide surveillance solutions

Local authorities face a difficult challenge juggling cuts in crime-prevention funding with their responsibility to work with police to keep the streets safe.

Video surveillance for the protection of citizens needs to be cost-effective as well as comprehensive with the flexibility to meet new and changing requirements.

Digital Barriers can provide a fully adaptable money-saving surveillance system within minutes.

Our compact minicams weigh just 6kg, can be quickly attached to most street furniture, and moved around to follow crime or high-risk areas as they arise in an urban area.

There is no need to dig up a road or wait for cabling as our minicams operate wirelessly. The low-voltage version can even use the same power source as the traffic light or lamp post it is attached to.

Their mobility and ease of use make them ideal for dealing with sporting events, protest marches, sudden high-risk situations or areas where there is anti-social behaviour. Other uses include monitoring traffic and enforcing licensing laws outside nightclubs and pubs.

Our minicams use our unique EdgeVis Live technology, which was specifically developed to overcome the problems of streaming over congested and low bandwidth wireless networks, and will reliably deliver usable and continuous, real-time video and audio even over GPRS/2G/Satellite at bandwidths as low as 9kbps.

EdgeVis Live uses around 60% less bandwidth than standard video transmission systems so there are also significant savings in data, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. If there is a wi-fi hot spot available, further savings can be made.

The pan-tilt-zoom camera is remotely controlled and can be operated by a mobile phone, while each unit has a built-in recorder so video can be downloaded quickly via wi-fi for closer examination.

Minicams are ideal for plugging gaps inexpensively as they can be incorporated into an existing surveillance system regardless of whether the existing infrastructure or control centre is using an analogue or digital network as the video feeds can be integrated into existing VMS systems such as Milestone, Synectics, Icomply, Meyertech and Genetec.

Our Minicams and EdgeVis Live technology help the police stay one step ahead of criminals and terrorists, by giving officers access to real-time images whenever and wherever they need it.

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Temporary mobile

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Temporary Mobile

Holmatro TVI


Temporary and mobile video surveillance

There are times when video surveillance may be needed, but only on certain days of the week or for a short time.

Digital Barriers can help ensure changes in demand are handled flexibly, but without compromising on security.

We offer a host of products which can be set up in minutes to monitor a big crowd at a stadium, a well supported march or a highly charged demonstration which has the propensity to escalate into a riot.

Obtaining real-time video from wireless surveillance systems can be problematic in densely populated areas where reception is invariably poor due to lots of people being on their mobile phones. Typically image break-up or delay renders video feeds unusable.

Our unique EdgeVis Live technology offers real-time video streaming with none of these issues.

It was specifically developed to overcome the problems of streaming over congested and low bandwidth wireless networks, and will reliably deliver usable and continuous video and audio even over GPRS/2G/Satellite at bandwidths as low as 9kbps.

EdgeVis Live uses around 60% less bandwidth than standard video transmission systems so there are significant savings in data too, making video feeds cost effective as well as viable.

It is a complete solution and includes the design, installation of cameras into or onto vehicles and real-time streaming to any device. This allows you to implement the solution according to your exact requirements, making us a one-stop partner for surveillance capabilities.

Cameras attached to tripods, vehicles and security staff can be set up in minutes to stream uninterrupted real-time video, while there is also the option to zoom in and examine areas of particular interest more closely by downloading high-resolution images.

The surveillance system can be as mobile as anyone wearing an EdgeVis Live bodyworn camera.

So whether a huge football crowd requires monitoring or extra security is needed for a lone cash-and-transit van, Digital Barriers has the solution.

Our cutting-edge technology will provide comprehensive and highly flexible security surveillance instantly.

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Surveillance for
high-risk buildings

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High Risk

Safe High Risk


High-Risk Building Security

Important heritage sites and high-profile national buildings require discreet and sympathetic surveillance.

Digital Barriers offers a bespoke service, taking into account the complexities of enforcing tight security at architecturally sensitive or unique buildings.

Our expertise has been used at a number of iconic sites around the world, including the British Museum and Tate Galleries in the United Kingdom, Parc des Princes Stadium in France and the Great Hall of the People in China.

We draw on our unique understanding of working on List X sites and other high-security locations to ensure everything is covered.

This includes threat profiling and technology advice through to the installation of an integrated solution, maintenance and even physical security if necessary.

We have designed and deployed solutions that encompass camera surveillance, biometric sensors, controlling the access of people and vehicles, digital recording and secure networking, purpose-built control rooms and blast and ballistic protection measures.

Increasing the security to screen people for threats in public places has traditionally meant using ‘stop-and-search’ tactics or airport-style security. This can be inappropriate and off putting within the public environment and inconvenient for members of the public as it may delay their movement, infringe their privacy and be difficult and costly to deploy.

Digital Barriers’ SmartVis facial-recognition analytics can be deployed to extract and record the faces of people. Images of the individuals' faces are then sent to security staff, or to automated recognition systems to compare against watchlists, helping to support a coordinated and measured response.

Security cameras in public places are often not configured appropriately or do not provide the operational insight required to be effective. With SmartVis, though, automated camera checking, intrusion-detection analytics and facial recognition can be provided to public spaces and events via a cloud service so that no upfront investment is required. SmartVis facial-recognition analytics can also be used with standard video security systems to detect known individuals.

Digital Barriers’ technology can be relied upon to provide discreet surveillance at high-profile buildings without compromising on security.

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