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Aviation Security

Aviation Security



Site and perimeter security solutions

​​Airports can have perimeters where the installation of fixed CCTV is simply not viable.

But Digital Barriers’ highly adaptable visually intelligent surveillance technology offers a cost-effective solution to guarding against trespassing, vandalism and theft.

We can provide a targeted mobile security system that will alert airport staff and allow them to see live video of any intrusion.   

SmartVis, our world-class video analytics technology, will detect when a person is present but ignore nuisance alarms caused by adverse weather, animals, camera movement, shadows or variable lighting.

It is certified by the UK Government’s i-LIDS® scheme as an approved primary detection system for perimeter security.

SmartVis-linked cameras can be moved around easily to target any gaps in existing security or monitor known trouble spots.

The system can also be hosted in the cloud, avoiding the need for costly investment in servers and maintenance.

EdgeVis Shield, our integrated surveillance platform solution, can combine all this technology with existing infrastructure and covert ground sensors. These sensors can be moved around in targeted areas to provide fast and reliable alerts.

Control rooms and tactical response units receive an immediate view of alarm events – including access to real-time video from fixed cameras as well as staff's EdgeVis Body Worn cameras.

Our EdgeVis Live technology was specifically developed to overcome the problems of streaming video over low bandwidth wireless networks. It will reliably deliver real-time video and audio even over GPRS/2G/Satellite connections at bandwidths as low as 9kbps.

There are significant savings in data too because our unique technology uses around 60% less bandwidth than other standards-based systems.

Even over constrained networks, our innovative technology offers the option to zoom in and retrieve high-resolution images.

Digital Barriers' technology can target specific areas, providing a more accurate interpretation of suspicious activity as well as offering remote live viewing and camera control for visual confirmation of intrusions and an intelligent response.

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Kerb to gate security

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Face Rec Girl New


Recent events have shown that terrorist attacks are no longer confined to an airport's secure areas or in-flight.

The whole airport is now vulnerable and keeping suicide bombers and terrorists with automatic weapons away from crowded areas has become of paramount importance.

Early screening for potential threats can be enhanced with SmartVis Face, our powerful facial-recognition software, which will identify targets on a watchlist in real time.

SmartVis Face detects, identifies and verifies individuals quickly and accurately from CCTV footage and images captured on mobile phones.

Unlike other technologies, which rely on the subject looking directly at the camera in steady lighting, Digital Barriers’ solution can analyse faces in a non-controlled environment from a variety of angles and distances. 

Cameras at natural pinch-points such as escalators, entrance ways, ticket machines, check-in desks, baggage drops, cafes and duty-free areas can check travellers against databases of known high-risk individuals.

With matches identified in real time, potential threats can be discreetly diverted by security staff for further investigation before the person of interest gets to crowded security checkpoint areas.

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Internal staff screening

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Solving the insider threat

When it comes to smuggling a bomb on board a plane, the possibility of a ground worker or member of the air crew placing something into a bag is a very real threat.

How, though, can airport authorities bring in more detailed checks without hindering staff from doing their job?

Our SmartVis SafeZone video analytics can be deployed for existing cameras (analogue or IP types) as well as new ones to detect intrusion close to baggage-handling conveyors and machinery.

As SafeZone can operate on infrared and thermal camera images, a mixed deployment of camera technologies can be realised to ensure detection of people under all lighting scenarios.

Additional technology is available from Digital Barriers that enables video to be streamed in real time to staff with mobile devices and integrated into existing security management systems for command and control centres.

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