Digital Barriers Launches the EdgeVis MiniCam

Rapidly Deployable HD camera securely streams live footage over 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi London, 21 September 2021 - As the market for rapidly deployable surveillance cameras expands, Digital Barriers, a UK-based provider of IoT surveillance and security technologies, today announces the immediate...

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Just in case you missed our feature on BBC Crimewatch Live, here's another look at how our tech is helping to tackle #ruralcrime on a joint collaboration with @VodafoneUKBiz & @NWPRuralCrime

Watch the full segment here: https://t.co/yHLaeqd1R3

Unlike other solutions, the EdgeVis MiniCam is capable of streaming securely over both cellular & WIFI, even in the most remote areas where signal may be poor.

Discover more about our #rapiddeploymentsolution: https://t.co/zkbCFZhAGA

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Compact, lightweight & affordable, with secure low bandwidth streaming over cellular or WIFI, "the EdgeVis MiniCam represents a new generation of flexible mobile surveillance. World-class tech at standard market pricing,” @UKZak, CEO, @DigitalBarriers


Live streaming over both cellular & WIFI networks + onboard analytics. Learn more about our latest innovation, the EdgeVis MiniCam rapid deployment camera. Light-weight, robust & affordable. Available now!

Discover more: https://t.co/MN3hIbZnTa