Leveraging face mask detection and people counting to keep businesses COVID-secure


Leveraging face mask detection and people counting to keep businesses COVID-secure

Despite the approval and roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, rules around social distancing and the wearing of masks aren’t likely to be relaxed until mid-2021 at the earliest. With cases still rising in the UK and beyond it’s therefore crucial for businesses to invest in technologies that can help keep them COVID-secure and operational. From retail stores to supermarkets, transportation hubs, restaurants and entertainment venues, every company must invest in the health and welfare of their staff and customers.

MDX, Digital Barriers’ combined remote mask detection and occupancy management tool, is specially designed to help businesses comply with national government guidelines around wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing – ultimately allowing them to remain operational. By utilising Digital Barriers’ native high-performance video analytics to automatically screen individuals as they approach a store or designated location, businesses can have an accurate, scalable and flexible method to remotely detect missing face masks and monitor occupancy levels, all from a single solution.

When an individual approaches an office building, retail store or entertainment venue, they are screened in real-time and instructed according to the circumstances. If they are not wearing a mask a screen above the entrance will inform them they cannot enter until they wear one, and if the location is at capacity they will be requested to wait. If, however, the circumstances are right – i.e., they are wearing a mask and there is capacity – they will be able to enter the store without any barriers or unnecessary contact with staff members and security personnel.

This solution enables multiple entrances to be screened simultaneously, eliminating the need for security personnel to be positioned at every entrance and preventing other staff from being re-tasked and taken away from their regular duties. With real-time connectivity, instant alerts can be viewed from any connected device, with a vast array of reporting options including capacity levels and peak occupancy times as well as those observing face mask regulation.

What’s more, the stand-off capability of this solution works to safeguard staff from potential confrontations with unhappy customers or employees.

Whilst the light at the end of the tunnel may now be visible, it’s still crucial for businesses to do all they can to protect their employees and customers. With real-time a video surveillance and analytics solution, businesses, shops and workplaces can ensure they protect those they rely on most.

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