EdgeVis Shield

EdgeVis Shield

Unattended ground sensors (UGS) form ​part of our EdgeVis Shield solution for monitoring and securing wide areas, remote assets and extended perimeters.

The RDC unattended ground sensor (UGS) system combines an innovative, rapid-deployment design, exceptional power efficiency and accurate target detection and classification with intelligent wireless networking.​

Our sensors will reliably detect and classify people and vehicles, filtering out false alarms, and can be easily integrated with remote cameras and wireless surveillance hubs to form a complete integrated surveillance solution for visual confirmation of targets.

Weighing less than 0.5kg and with an ingenious screw-in design for ease of use, our sensor nodes are portable, redeployable and designed to ensure optimal contact with the ground for exceptional seismic-sensing performance.

Our innovative power-efficient wireless platform also has the intelligence to adapt if one node is put out of action. The platform will simply self-heal.
As part of an integrated surveillance platform, unattended ground sensors (UGS) can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional measures, especially on sites where perimeters are in extreme locations or constantly changing.

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