Thermal Screening FAQ’s

Thermal Screening FAQ's

1. How easy is it to setup?
The solution is out-of-the-box ready. Setting up the system takes around 5 minutes.

2. Does the camera require manual calibration, if not how often does it self-calibrate?
The camera system is deployed alongside a thermal blackbody which self-regulates its surface to 91-Fahrenheit. The blackbody must be within the Field of View of the thermal camera. Within the software, the user then selects the blackbody within the thermal image. The software than uses this region as a constant calibration.

3. What threshold should the system be set to, to pick up elevated temperatures?
The system is defaulted to alert but this can be changed by the operator. A practical decision must be taken around the setting of this temperature based on the environmental conditions and the average skin temperature of people within the Field of View. The system is there largely to highlight the people with a temperature greater than an acceptable baseline.

4. Does it actually measure body temp or surface temp?
The system measures the surface temperature of the detected face and uses a series of algorithms to map this up to an approximated body temperature.

The system can be run in two modes, Normal and Compensated;
Normal – The system displays the surface temperature of the detected face with no conditioning.
Compensated – The system displays the approximated body temperature based on the surface temperature and a series of algorithms.

5. Does pixel size make a difference to temperature accuracy?
No, but it will effect the Field of View and the number of people than can be scanned simultaneously.

6. Can the body temperature thresholds be customized by user?
Yes, the threshold can be specified by the customer.

7. How does it alarm? Specific body temperature readings or Pass/Fail?
The system has a built-in face-detect, if it exceed the threshold temperature a local and remote alarm can be triggered.

8. What range are we recommending this works in?
Between 3 and 16ft.

9. How many people can I screen?
The number of people scan will be dependent on the people flow rate. The system can screen up 100 people a minute with up to 8 people in the field of view.

10. How close does the person have to be to the camera?
The camera can accurate sense body temperature up to a distance of [33]ft.

11. How long must a person stand in front of the camera in order to get an accurate reading?
The system takes around half a second to process the frame and return the temperature of the people within the FOV.

12. Can people be moving or do they have to be static for accurate readings?
Yes, the system can cope with people walking through the Field of View without issue.

13. Does an VOx uncooled thermal FPA make a difference in accuracy to cooled?
Yes, a cooled system would be more accurate but the price of cooled thermal is an order of magnitude greater than that of uncooled.

14. Is the solution SaaS based?
Data processing can be SaaS based or on-premises,depending on the customer’s requirements.

15. Can the system be used outside, what sort of effect does sunlight/UV have?
We recommend the system is used indoors. The conditions outdoors change quickly and will have an impact on the temperatures measured. For example, if there is a lot of wind the blackbody will struggle to maintain its surface temperature. Given this is the calibration point for the system, the wider accuracy of the system would suffer.

16. Can the camera/system be set up in temporary locations like a tent clinic, then moved to a hardened facility, or vice versa?
The camera/system is perfectly portable for deployment at any location and can be redeployed at ease.

17. Does the system support facial recognition?
There will be a future add on facial recognition.

18. Does the system record and store the data, and can the historical data be retrieved in original form at a later date?
The data can be recorded, stored and retrieved in the original format, as per the customer’s requirements. Recordings can be AES256 encrypted.

19. Can monitoring be done at the individual site, and at a central site?
The monitoring can be done at the individual site, and at a central site.

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