Automate. Recognise. Detect.

We help security installers, alarm-receiving centres, central video-monitoring companies and anyone who needs to manage their surveillance systems more efficiently by providing video analytics and automation that works.

SmartVis includes award-winning government-accredited i-LIDS® automated intrusion-detection solution, SmartVis SafeZone, as well as a wide range of video analytics solutions which make live surveillance and forensic video review more efficient.

Our SmartVis solutions are reliable, cost-effective and easy to deploy. Our capabilities save security providers time and money by automating video monitoring and filtering out nuisance alarms, using intelligent analysis. Our analytics are focused on easy set-up, low false alarms, and saving expensive operator time. By deploying SmartVis solutions operators can serve more sites and deal with problem cameras.

SmartVis analytics are highly efficient. As a result they can run at the edge or on your servers, making the most of new and existing cameras. SmartVis SafeZone is available on an Axis Camera Application Platform. This is similar to an app for your camera and is available as an application for Axis cameras or as an application for servers.

SmartVis Developer can be deployed on any Windows or Linux server for integration into custom applications that make the most of your surveillance estate.

If you don’t want the hassle of setting up your own infrastructure then our CloudVis solution provides the same capabilities as a fully managed, hassle-free service.

What is SmartVis?

SmartVis analytics are the result of more than ten years of computer vision research and optimisation. As a result they can monitor for activity in low resolution and low frame-rate video, making them very bandwidth efficient and allowing more streams to be monitored on a single server.

Digital Barriers’ unique processing engine is able to scrutinise events in 3D for an enhanced interpretation of suspicious activity. It ignores environmental effects like poor weather, camera shake, moving foliage and shadows that account for costly time-consuming nuisance alarms. Deep-learning models are used to find and identify people in video.

Our SmartVis developer technology places you in control of these video analytics, so that you can access them all using a single simple integration.

How is SmartVis used?

SmartVis technology can be applied to any video camera to monitor non-intrusively without fatigue or inattention. Applying SmartVis analytics allows exceptions to be identified and communicated without delay and with a greatly reduced chance of missing a key event.

SmartVis SafeZone is currently deployed at a retailer's warehouse to monitor the entrance to loading bays. Because it can tell the difference between people and vehicles, SmartVis SafeZone is able to keep a 24/7 lookout for people in an area where only vehicles should be, flagging anything suspicious to security guards for immediate action. With integration into leading VMS as well as email-based alerting, SmartVis SafeZone alerts can be sent directly to the guard wherever he is on his rounds.

False alarms have a real cost, each one must be verified by a human operator before any action can be taken, consuming man hours and holding up the processing of real alarms.

The diagram below compares the output of a typical motion-detection system and SafeZone. The typical motion-detection system has reacted to moving foliage and shadows and repeatedly false alarmed.

SafeZone-edge alarms compared to normal VMD

In contrast, SmartVis has operated reliably – saving time and money.

Law Enforcement
Forensic review and enhancement of video and the protection of key sites including VIP's

Border security
Monitoring sterile zones along borders

Commercial security
SmartVis SafeZone-edge automated intrusion detection analytics to protect key areas

Our SmartVis Range

  • SmartVis SafeZone
    • Intrusion detection analytics for Axis cameras or edge PC-based deployment
    • Protects vulnerable perimeters by establishing automated sterile zones to detect intrusion and loitering
    • Will mitigate for camera movement, shadows or foliage movement that accounts for most false video alerts received by alarm-receiving centres
    • Monitor any IP network-connected camera, indoor or outdoor
  • SmartVis Developer
    • Tools for developers to add video analytics to their own solutions
    • Intrusion detection, face detection and recognition, video enhancement, and object detection are all available for simple integration

Get your free SafeZone trial

SafeZone is available for a FREE 30-day evaluation period.

Install SafeZone-edge on a number of AXIS cameras or encoders* or try out SmartVis SafeZone (server-based).

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*See list of supported AXIS cameras and encoders for compatible devices.