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Truly unique streaming ability

Front-line operations demand live access to video feeds - so why settle for record-only bodyworn cameras when for a comparable price you can also get reliable, secure real-time streaming – wherever the location? Combine with our suite of high-performance analytics including live facial recognition for true edge-intelligence.

Know where assets are deployed and see what they see with ultra-reliable video streaming and live GPS data from EdgeVis Body Worn cameras – even when network conditions are poor.

EdgeVis mobile cameras allow viewers to access full HD stills of any moment in the video stream to determine structural safety, assess fires, and provide any other advice relevant to an emergency. At the same time the viewer maintains situational awareness with continuous access to the live stream from the camera.

Commanders in the field and other authorised users can be given access to the video in real-time and while on the move. Having a view of the scene beforehand can be the difference between arriving prepared or needing to spend time assessing a situation on arrival, which can introduce critical delays to operations.

EdgeVis BodyWorn

The worlds only live streaming bodycam with real-time facial recognition


Key features
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  • Streaming of high quality, low latency, real-time video and audio at ultra-low bandwidths
  • Highly efficient re-distribution of real-time surveillance to multiple users simultaneously with end-to-end encryption
  • Secure chain of evidence
  • GPS-enabled panic button
  • Proven evidence management platform
  • Combine with facial recognition, ANPR/LPR & other analytics to identify persons of interest on-demand
  • Designed for easy integration into third-party systems

Makati City

The implementation of the first live streaming bodyworn camera has been a success and our officers are already enthusiastically utilising this technology in order to ensure their safety and support the disaster management in the City.
Abby Binay, Mayor of the City of Makati

EdgeVis Live is our patented video codec technology. Originating from neural network research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the technology provides real-time video streaming over bandwidth-constrained or congested networks. From the outset, EdgeVis Live has been designed to ensure video can be delivered over wireless networks with under 0.5 second latency. Unlike standards-based codecs such as H.264 and MJPEG which struggle with the variability of bandwidth on wireless networks, EdgeVis Live actively monitors the bandwidth at each instant and using this information adjusts the...

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SmartVis Face has been specifically designed to detect people in non-controlled environments under challenging and changing conditions. Faces can be analysed from a variety of angles to ensure the best chance of obtaining reference data and successful identification.Our technology can create watchlist entries from faces found in live or pre-recorded video or still images. Our high-performance video analytics can detect and identify faces from a variety of angles and will provide alerts even in a non-controlled environment. SmartVis Face can be deployed overtly or covertly as a fixed or...

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