Wireless city

Wireless safe cities like never before

More organizations are turning to wireless as an alternative to the time-consuming and costly installation of wired surveillance cameras. Yet modern cellular networks, while ubiquitous and providing access to increasingly large bandwidths, pose a number of technological challenges for real-time surveillance. Variability in network coverage, as well as continuous fluctuations in available bandwidth, can often lead to break-ups or delays in video transmission. In addition, the data costs associated with cellular-based video can quickly become prohibitive for day-to-day operations.

With our safe city solution, there is no need to dig up roads or deploy vast amounts of cabling. We simply combine our cutting-edge wireless video streaming with new or existing camera technology, offering a secure end-to-end video capability, thats wireless and accredited to the highest standard.

Examples of suitable surveillance applications: city centers, industrial parks, sporting events, transportation hubs, major roads and critical national infrastructure.

Wireless Safe Cities

Resilient and secure real-time surveillance for a safer and smarter cities


Key features
& benefits

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  • Deliver true real-time high-definition video, over any wireless network
  • Reduce operational costs, by using around 60% less data when streaming video compared to other wireless solutions
  • Be deployed in minutes, and redeployed just as easily and quickly
  • Provide exceptional environmental and low-light performance for multiple applications
  • Overcome the hurdle of streaming over congested and low bandwidth wireless networks
  • Be the video element into any IoT architecture
  • Combine with facial recognition to identify and confirm persons of interest on-demand

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