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Our TeraHertz scanners are the technology behind ThruVis, the world’s most advanced passive people-screening solution.

ThruVis provides a different approach to people screening. It employs our patented TeraHertz (THz)-scanning technology which was originally developed by the UK Government for satellite-based earth observation. ThruVis is able to ’see’ objects on the body, made of almost any material, from metals, to ceramics, plastics, currency, liquids, gels and powders - even under multiple layers of clothing. Because it uses an entirely passive sensor system, ThruVis units are completely safe in their operation as they are as harmless as a normal video camera.

How does it work?

THz scanning principles

TeraHertz screening works by sensing the varying levels of natural THz energy emitted by people's bodies and uses this to form a video picture. Concealed objects are seen as cold or hot spots against warm bodies. As with normal cameras, ThruVis is able to see different-sized objects better at different distances. Larger concealed objects are clearly seen on people at longer distances, while a person needs to be closer to the sensor for smaller objects to be seen.

The most important aspect of THz screening is the specific frequency that a unit uses. Operating at a low frequency allows more penetration but the images have less resolution. 

Deployment in uncontrolled environments is difficult as units can be swamped by too much TeraHertz signal.

Screening at low frequencies is particularly problematic when conditions are above 25℃ or if the infrastructure includes something reflective, like glass. 

A fundamental feature of ThruVis, though, is that it operates at 250GHz (a quarter of 1THz). Units screening at this frequency have traditionally been considerably harder and more expensive to manufacture.

However, they offer far superior performance than any operating at lower frequencies, as well as being much smaller in size.

After 10 years of intensive research and development, ThruVis is now operationally proven to operate in warm humid conditions, detecting small objects through thick clothing, even when the object is only slightly colder than skin temperature. With its compact design, ThruVis is an ideal choice for an increasing range of applications.

Simple to use

ThruVis is designed to be simple to use. Operators use a laptop to control the unit and to show a colour CCTV image – to provide visual content to the operator – overlaid with the THz image. Screening occurs in real time and objects can be detected even as a person is moving, although resolution is improved when individuals are stationary. A number of usability features are provided to assist operators, including software designed to help operators to detect concealed items.

In addition to real-time imagery and automatic alerts, the software offers configurable recording functions. Operators are able to capture and store recordings to export for evidential purposes, Snapshots of recently recorded imagery can also be replayed to assess anything that might have been missed in real time. A software development kit is available for ThruVis products to enable full integration with wider security system architectures and third-party systems. Multiple Thruvis units can be networked to one operating PC, so security staff and operational costs can be kept to a minimum.

Flexibly deployed

Unlike many alternatives, ThruVis units are not a disruptive technology as they do not require fixed installation or a large deployment footprint. They can be ceiling or floor mounted, and can be easily transported and deployed as a temporary screening measure for high-profile public events. This includes screening sports crowds, concert-goers or people at well attended public places. A unit is no bigger than a tower PC and can be discreetly installed into public surroundings easily, like single or double bollards, advertising units, planters, and similar objects, depending on requirements.

Units are compact and lightweight and can be mains or battery powered. A TS4 unit draws just 80W of power. 

ThruVis does not delay mass movement of people or infringe privacy and its simplicity presents flexible new options for organisations to incorporate people screening into their operations without major changes to infrastructure or inconveniencing the people being screened.

Our ThruVis Camera Screening System

Compact people-screening camera and software to detect person-borne threats.


ThruVis is the world’s most advanced, compact, people-screening camera system, with unparalleled imaging quality and the capability to detect concealed objects at 3.3m to 8m. It can be deployed in both fixed and portable formats, in covert and overt installations, and as a stand-alone screening capability or integrated within a wider security architecture, ideal for public-space protection and mobile use.


The TS4-C unit has a larger field of view and is best for compliant screening at a range of between 3.5m and 4.5m. It is particularly effective for checkpoints and when full-body screening is required at short range.



The TS4-AC is best suited for mobile deployment and screening people while they are moving. This makes it suitable for use in areas of high throughput and allows for greater flexibility in deployment.