Stand-off detection. Non-invasive, safe. Compact and mobile.

ThruVis is a unique highly sensitive camera capable of detecting objects concealed under clothing so you can spot a suicide bomber from a range of up to 10 metres or identify a drug smuggler at a busy border crossing.

This world-leading security solution, developed by Digital Barriers, can be operated remotely to screen crowds at stadiums and major events, and people using public transport, without the need to disturb them as they go about their business. It's high-throughput, meaning it screens people quickly without them stopping and without delays, a bit like a virtual pat-down, spotting large high threat objects.

ThruVis can also be deployed in custom halls or at border crossings to show concealed items such as contraband, as well as being used in retail warehouses to expose theft.

It can detect metal or plastic weapons, explosives, liquids, drugs and currency - anything concealed under clothing - and in recent tests was 100 per cent successful in highlighting anyone wearing a bomb vest or carrying a concealed weapon.

ThruVis is portable, requires no infrastructure and can be set up in minutes.

Its Terahertz cameras are completely passive. They are as harmless as a typical video camera and are non-invasive, as they do not not reveal any sensitive anatomical details.

ThruVis’s potential to save lives by providing an early warning of a threat or another layer of defence has led to an increase in its use around the world in the last year.  It presents a new potential in securing so called soft targets such as transport hubs, shopping malls, stadiums and other public locations, as well as more traditional secure locations. It is mobile and is unpredictable in its deployement; so is much harder for would be adversaries to rehearse against than fixed security infrastructure.   It can also be deployed covertly if required so that people are not even aware they are being screened.

It is now a major deterrent in the fight against crime and terrorism in 10 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the Middle East and Asia.  See our recent coverage on Sky News that shows how effective ThruVis is.


What is ThruVis?

ThruVis is a different approach to people screening. It employs Terahertz camera technology – originally developed in the UK for space research – to detect objects made of almost any material, from metals, to ceramics, plastics, liquids, gels and powders, even under multiple layers of clothing. While the camera resolution can detect objects at distance, it does not reveal invasive anatomical details.

ThruVis uses varying levels of natural Terahertz energy emitted by people, objects and their surrounding environment to highlight any concealed objects. Reflected energy from the body is able to pass through clothing. However, any object between person and the camera is shown in contrast. These differences in contrast are clearly visible to operators – and an operator-assist utility can be employed to support detection because it uses an entirely passive sensor system. ThruVis units are completely safe in their operation as they are as harmless as a normal video camera.

For more information please see our technology pages on Terahertz imaging.



How is it used?

The technology is passive and non-invasive and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Units are portable and can be set up and moved as required to provide screening in mobile locations such as for aviation security, border security, customs screening, large event protection, public gatherings, stadium protection and public transport protection such as rail.  Providing a 'virtual pat down', it is the only viable way of screening a large number of people quickly.

For specific applications please see our industry sections that detail how these solutions are used in the following applications:


Our ThruVis Camera Screening System

Compact people-screening camera and software to detect person-borne threats


ThruVis is the world’s most advanced, compact, people-screening camera system, with unparalleled imaging quality and the capability to detect concealed objects at 3.3m to 8m. It can be deployed in both fixed and portable formats, in covert and overt installations, and as a stand-alone screening capability or integrated within a wider security architecture, ideal for public-space protection and mobile use.


The TS4-C unit has a larger field of view and is best for compliant screening at a range of between 3.5m and 4.5m. It is particularly effective for checkpoints and when full-body screening is required at short range.



The TS4-AC is best suited for mobile deployment and screening people while they are moving. This makes it suitable for use in areas of high throughput and allows for greater flexibility in deployment.