Resilient. Secure. Unique.

World-class wireless video transmission that allows remote viewing securely over cellular/constrained networks with near-zero latency.

TVI is our patented video codec technology. Originating from neural network research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, TVI provides real-time video streaming over bandwidth-constrained or congested networks. With customers in more than 30 countries, TVI-based solutions are relied upon by some of the world's most demanding defence and law enforcement customers.

​Real-time video over wireless networks

From the outset, TVI has been designed to ensure video can be delivered over wireless networks with under 0.5 second latency. Unlike standards-based codecs such as H.264 and MJPEG which struggle with the variability of bandwidth on wireless networks, TVI actively monitors the bandwidth at each instant and using this information adjusts the amount of image detail so that it never exceeds the bandwidth available to it.This enables a constant frame rate and avoids missed frames or a build-up in time delay. Uniquely, TVI can stream real-time video over wireless networks at under 10 kbits per second. 

End-to-end security

TVI has been designed to provide users with military-grade security. TVI can be deployed with packet-level AES256 bit encryption to minimise encryption overhead. This gives users complete confidence that, with no adverse effect on video latency or cost of data transmission, TVI delivers virtually unbreakable video security between encoder and viewing application without the need for expensive and complex virtual private networks (VPNs). 


How does it work?

Our TVI technology is designed to work cost effectively over low and bandwidth-constrained networks.

Given the unique design of the codec, TVI provides users with the ability to modify dynamically both the frame-rate of video and the maximum bandwidth a video stream can use for transmission. With typical bandwidth savings of around 60 per cent over standards-based codecs, this capability also allows users to manage the cost of video-data transmission. 

Real-time video over congested fixed networks

The spiky bandwidth profile delivered by standards-based codecs means network managers are seldom happy to deliver video services over corporate networks. The ability to set precise rules on bandwidth to be used per video stream means TVI can be used to offer real-time video services over congested fixed networks without risk of disruption to other business critical services. 


High resolution video retrieval from the edge

Even when streaming over ultra-low bandwidth links, TVI users never miss the detail. Utilising edge-based recordings, TVI provides a range of tools to allow users to quickly select and retrieve the original high quality imagery as provided by the camera, while continuing to  provide live video. 

Multiple viewers for situational awareness

TVI's unique server-based architecture allows, subject to security rules, many viewers to watch a single camera in real time. Any camera connected to a TVI encoder can therefore be watched from anywhere in the world, providing situational awareness for different groups within a organisation and speeding up decision-making, based on being able to see what is going on. 

Mission-critical scalability and resilience

With its military heritage, TVI has been designed to deliver the highest levels of scalability and resilience to ensure it meets the mission-critical needs of some of the most demanding users of live video. TVI has been designed with a number of features to ensure performance can scale dynamically with different loads on the system and that single points of failure are minimised.


Many TVI users utilise a range of other technologies as part of their broader platform, including command and control systems and video-management systems. A number of TVI software development kits (SDKs) are available to facilitate native integration, as well as TVI ONVIF Gateway, a stand-alone interoperability tool that allows paid integration with ONVIF compliant systems.  

Video-analytics ready

Digital Barriers provides an increasing range of video analytics technologies and many of these have been designed to work in a tightly integrated way with TVI. More information on this topic will be released through 2016.

To see how it is used please ​see our industry pages


Our range of encoders

There are a range of encoders that power our EdgeVis solutions

​We have a wide range of encoders that can be used for the various EdgeVis solutions.  

TVI IP Series streaming and archiving units deliver usable video and data from IP cameras over a range of communications bearers, including low/variable bandwidth networks. Designed around the class-leading TVI architecture, the IP Series combines real-time streaming, edge recording and integration with leading IP camera brands. For more information on each encoder please download the datasheets from our resources section.

Encoder Key Features  
EdgeVis - Software Components
Mobile Encoder
  • Enables streaming of high quality, low latency real-time video and audio at bandwidths as low as 9Kbps
  • Live GPS location transmitted alongside video stream 
  • Highly efficient re-distribution of real-time surveillance to multiple users simultaneously
  • Supports multiple cellular networks (CDMA/EV-DO/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE)
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Supports AES 256 encryption 






  • Enables viewing of high-quality, low latency real-time video and audio at bandwidths as low as 9Kbps
  • View video and audio streams from multiple video encoders
  • Built-in mapping showing live position of all encoders
  • Real-time surveillance available to multiple users simultaneously
  • Full resolution retrieval capability
  • Full remote pan, tilt, zoom control (both physical and virtual)
  • Easily configure encoder bandwidths and quality settings remotely
  • Multiple-platform support (Windows, iOS and Android), offering same user experience on all three platforms 






Body Worn
  • Distributes single camera stream to many viewers for a common operating picture
  • Transmits live GPS alongside the video stream
  • Provides capability to extract full HD images to scrutinise areas of interest
  • Allows continuous access to live stream, while viewer examines high resolution image of areas of interest
  • Offers virtual pan, tilt and zoom for focusing remotely
  • Enables streaming of high quality, low latency, real-time video and audio at bandwidths as low as 9Kbps
  • Secure end-to-end AES256 encryption
  • Allows use of front, back and external cameras, supporting lapel, helmet and chest-mounted devices


EdgeVis IP Series



  • Real-time 1080p video and audio streaming 
  • Record up to two camera channels onto an internal HDD/SSD
  • Built-in 4G/LTE modem and GPS with support for external USB wi-fi
  • Support for many different IP cameras including Axis, Canon, Bosch and ONVIF-compliant devices

  • High performance encoder (for US only)
  • Real-time 1080p video and audio streaming 
  • Supports one IP camera with simultaneous local archiving and real-time streaming
  • Supports USB Wi-Fi + 4G/LTE adapters for video transmission or local Wi-Fi download of recordings
  • Support for many different IP cameras including Axis, Canon, Bosch and ONVIF-compliant devices

  • Real-time 1080p video and audio streaming 
  • Vibration resistant with built-in vehicle-mounting kit
  • Record up to eight camera channels onto a removable HDD/SSD
  • Built-in 4G/LTE modem, wi-fi, and GPS
  • Support for many different IP cameras including Axis, Canon, Bosch and ONVIF 

EdgeVis - R & M Series


  • Ruggedised, dual SD analogue-camera surveillance hub
  • Ruggedised, IP67/Mil Std, 810F-rated enclosure with no moving parts for reliable, low power and covert operation to enhance LPI/LPD properties
  • Real-time, SD video and audio streaming

  • Ruggedised, single HD-SDI and dual SD analogue camera surveillance hub
  • Ruggedised, IP68/Mil Std, 810F-rated enclosure with no moving parts for reliable, low power and covert operation to enhance LPI/LPD properties
  • Real-time 1080p video and audio streaming

  • Compact, ruggedised surveillance hub
  • Rapidly deployable in minutes for operational situations where installation time is critical
  • Compatible with RDC ground sensor system

  • Ruggedised video encoder and surveillance hub
  • Ruggedised IP67 rated enclosure with no moving parts for reliable, low power and covert operation
  • Real-time wireless video and audio streaming

EdgeVis - Q Series  


  • Outdoor, IP66-rated, all-in-one, city-centre-use encoder
  • Real-time, SD video and audio streaming
  • Twin analogue input with multiple PTZ protocols supported
  • Built-in 4G/HSDPA modem and Wi-Fi with support for USB GPS
  • Local Wi-Fi download of recorded footage 

EdgeVis - S Series  
  • Rapidly deployable, ultra-small form factor, dual-camera encoder
  • Real-time video and audio streaming, also supports retrieval of high-res images
  • Two built-in GPRS/3G/HSDPA modules (with SIM carriers)
  • Real-time 1080p video and audio streaming 
  • Includes both HD-SDI and composite analogue inputs with multiple PTZ protocols supported
  • Record and stream one channel onto 2 x microSD cards or external NAS
  • Built-in 4G/LTE modem, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GPS

EdgeVis - C Series  
  • Single SD analogue camera encoder
  • Real-time, SD video and audio streaming
  • Single analogue input with multiple PTZ protocols supported 
  • Built-in 3G/HSUPA+ modem with support for USB GPS
  • Integration into numerous third-party DVRs

Decoder Key Features  
EdgeVis Decoder  
  • Self-contained hardware to decode EdgeVis IP stream
  • Up to three decoder units can be physically combined to create a 1U 19” rack unit using supplied rack kit
  • Use USB keyboard to switch between up to 99 streams and take control of any PTZ attached camera
  • Ultra low-power, consuming average 30 Watts per channel
  • Designed for deployment in a central control room and supports either HDMI or composite displays