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SafeZone's award-winning video analytics are the intelligence behind our SmartVis solution for more reliable and more affordable automated intrusion detection.

Digital Barriers’ unique processing engine is able to scrutinise events in 3D for an enhanced interpretation of suspicious activity.

Our technology is easy to deploy and will save security providers time and money by analysing video from monitored zones, and filtering out nuisance alarms.

It ignores environmental effects like poor weather, camera shake, moving foliage and shadows that account for costly time-consuming false alarms.

Our technology is one of the few edge-based video analytics solutions to have been certified by the UK Government as an i-LIDS approved primary detection system, both for operational alert use and as an event-based recording system in sterile zone monitoring applications.

How does it work?

Video from existing cameras is analysed in real time to detect intruders.

Our analytics can highlight a range of security scenarios, such as intrusions and loitering, and will discriminate between people and vehicles.

The resulting intelligence can be used to prioritise operator time and attention.


The video analysis runs on Axis cameras and encoders and is carried out on edge processors, avoiding the need for costly and complex servers.

SafeZone is available on an Axis Camera Application Platform. ACAP is similar to an app for your camera and is available as an application for Axis cameras or as an application for servers.

Our technology makes use of the processor in the camera to deliver analytics in a cost-effective way. Other analytics can be run on a PC, installed at the edge or otherwise.

Highly efficient analytics work on low-resolution streams, allowing many cameras to be monitored on a single server if necessary.


Designed for simple and quick installation, a unique auto-calibration function allows single or multiple cameras to be set up quickly with minimal effort from the installer.


Video analytics can be set up to trigger alarms for a range of suspicious activity:

  • Intrusion - when one or more individuals or vehicles enter a zone.
  • Zone-crossing - when a person or vehicle passes through zones in the wrong sequence or in a prohibited direction.
  • Loitering - when an individual or vehicle remains in a targeted zone longer than authorised to do so.
  • Conditional - when a person or vehicle enters a zone without first passing through or starting from one or more selected zones.


These alarms are sent via TCP or email notification, HTTP/FTP upload, or the electrical output port on a camera.

Full VMS integration is also supported to incorporate alerts into control rooms - with additional on-screen metadata to give operators the right context.


SafeZone-edge has been certified for the following UK Government standards:

  • i-LIDS® approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications
  • i-LIDS® approved event based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications

i-LIDS® certification undertaken on an Axis Q7411 encoder with an Artpec-4 processor. For details of minimum device specifications in relation to i-LIDS® certification, please contact Digital Barriers

Our Sterile Zone Range

Our SmartVis range of sterile-zone technologies are reliable, cost-effective and easy to deploy.

SafeZone video analytics have been deployed to secure large, complex sites protected by several thousand cameras. It can be used for a range of predefined and user-defined security scenarios to monitor zones in internal and external settings:

  • Perimeter and sterile zone security (indoor/outdoor)
  • Defence and high-security sites
  • Transportation networks and facilities
  • Industrial and critical infrastructure facilities

Digital Barriers SafeZone technology is integrated into our CloudVis and SmartVis solutions.

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SafeZone is available to download for a FREE trial.

Install SafeZone-edge on a number of AXIS cameras or encoders* or SmartVis SafeZone (server-based) for a 30-day evaluation period.

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*See list of supported AXIS cameras and encoders for compatible devices.